Mail Server still has SPAM blocking issues

The SPAM issues on our server is still ongoing. The hosting people keep telling me it is fixed, it keeps getting locked out by SPAMHAUS. I bit the bullet and got a server from our resale account ( which should be much more stable, and I have full control over it (Virtual Server with dedicated IP addresses). I have moved the Domains that have email associated with them over there, and, Lord willing, I will move the rest of the banners, top sites and web portals over there over the next week.And I had all sorts of problems getting the new server set up and working. Cron jobs caused me to age a couple of years today. I could not get the cron feature to work. Finally got it up and working, but wasted most of the day fighting the issue. All of a sudden the interface just started taking them, No idea why. Whew!

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