I am still not sure what caused the battery to go dead, I may have left the dome light on. The truck would not start after a five hour charge. We finally jumped the battery and the truck started. I drove it around for a while an the battery seems to be holding a charge.

I have put out a newsletter, you can find it in the ministry links or click on the newsletter link here.

We will be speaking at the Harvester Baptist Church Missions Banquet on 10/18/08. We will attend the morning service at Grace Baptist Church of Harford County in Joppa Maryland. I will have a 5 minute presentation during the service.

I am in the process of moving domains from a server I will be shutting down (have to be done by 10/17). The server I am moving to started having configuration problems, so I can't get anything moved. Time is running out, and, as usual, there are problems with everything we are trying to accomplish.

Please pray for us as the Lord leads.