We made some new friends.

New Friends

     Over the last several days Maureen and I have had the pleasure of opening our home to a couple (Daniel and Hannah Iwanowycz) that is chaperoning a group of students from Pensacola Christian College as they travel around the United States.

     The group is a performing music team that has been helping out at Lavon Drive Baptist Church (general labor around the church) the last few days, and will be moving on to a church in Flower Mound Texas today and tomorrow. They will be returning on Monday (to help set up for VBS), and then leave on Tuesday to head south towards the Austin/San Antonio area.

     Daniel and Hannah were a blessing to have around, we had some great fellowship, and found out we had a lot in common. When Daniel gets back to Pensacola I understand he will be enrolling in an advanced class in "card shuffling." There is a rumor going around that he is sorely lacking in that skill!