Back in August of 2006 we "rescued" a domain for Park City Baptist Church in Park City Utah ( In 2007 I was contacted by the Pastor's wife, who wanted to set up a website. She chose another web hosting company. I transferred the domain over to the church. Last week I noticed their domain was getting ready to be released again after expiring. I sent an email to the Pastor's wife. It did not bounce, but I received no response. This morning the domain was available again. I called the church to find out the Pastor had resigned and that the church was looking for another Pastor. I was also told they had just extended the web hosting service I told the lady on the phone that I would re-register the domain for them and wait to hear about what they wanted to do. I found their current web host and have an inline frame with their website on the resuced domain (I don't know the nameservers to point it to, and even if I did, the domain may  not be associated with that account any longer). I can't over emphasize the need for planning when creating a website for your ministry!