I received a call today from Brother Ray Alcon (High Point North Carolina) this afternoon. Ray saw our ad in the Sword of the Lord and would like to get a web page up for his discipleship ministry. We discussed what he wanted in the way of a domain and registered rayalcon.com  for him. As for content on the site, Ray is mailing me a letter that he sends out to pastors. We will look at the content and decide the best way to present the information and ministry.

Lake Road Baptist Church in Havelock North Carolina is now Freedom Baptist Church. They have a new domain name (http://www.freedomforhavelock.org). Pastor Jim Kohr asked that I take down the content (done) on http://www.lakeroadbaptistchurch.com. I added a link to their new website and will be trying to find another "Lake Road Baptist Church" without a website to give the domain to (Lake Road Baptist Church in Clio Michigan is a good candidate).

Received the package from Country Wide Prison Ministry today. Loads of good information. I am waiting for Ray Whiten to get the log in information to update their website.

Spent a lot of time today working on our presentation today. Almost got the power point completed with narratives.