Two More FoundWell – two more domains were recovered and rebuilt over the last two days. I have a hard time understanding the way a web presence for a Fundamental Independent Baptist Church is treated. To me it would be like taking your church building,  hold your last service, and the next day the church becomes a topless bar, but the church sign is still on the outside of the building, your ads in the local paper still run inviting people to church, and other churches are not notified that your are not holding a joint revival service as they show up for the service.  Both of these that were rescued have links pointing to their domain name. While I don't think there is anything wrong with letting a zealous church member set up your web page for you, the domain should be in your church's name and the pastor, staff or deacons should be on the contact lists. Over the last year I have spoken to pastors that told me “the page was maintained by a disgruntled church member who left the church (can you imagine what kind of impact if that church member could have on your ministry if the web page was popular and that member was really bent on getting back at the pastor or the church?).This ministry is an educational ministry, most pastors do not understand the possible issues surrounding their web pages! Do you have your website on any printed literature? What would be the impact if all that literature pointed to a porn site and you did not know it?Please *THINK* before you throw together an online presence….
Source: Cyber-Missions Blog