I had the pleasure of "meeting" Pastor Paul Dudka, a 28 year old Pastor of a Baptist Church called "Revival" in the Ukraine on Facebook yesterday, by way of Pastor Bob Strachan, a pastor in Scotland! I asked if he had or wanted a web page. He said he would like a web page set up. The Baptist Church is called "Revival" so I guess in the US it would be "Revival Baptist Church." I asked how he felt about rbcukraine.com. He said that would be good, so I registered the domain and set up the WB templates for him. I sent the login information and he started working on it immediately. He asked if I had Skype, and I did not, but I installed it and we conversed for almost an hour this morning. Brother Paul's english is very good, I walked him through the basics of the website – he has a good handle on it and has done a lot of work on it. Their church is running 94, and serves 15 villages up to 60 km away. Please pray for their ministry as the Lord moves.