I rvwas contacted by Rick Beauchamp to set up a web site (he and his wife are missionaries to Romania). We had put up a website for their church back in 2008, and were invited to present the ministry back then. Rick and his family were a blessing.  I registered a domain for them (rick4romania.com) and set up a basic WordPress website for them using content that Rick had provided. The Beauchamps are on deputation at this time.Rick requested a guestbook, and I think I have found an acceptable Guestbook plugin that will work for them. I provided Rick a basic walk through of the website, but since his internet access was not reliable, we were not able to go into great detail. I suggested that Rick install a WordPress app on his smart phone so he could effortlessly update his blog several times a week, Please pray for Rick and Karie, missionaries to Romania as they try and raise support and to get to the mission field!