Bob Strachan (missionary to Scotland) and I have been discussing options for him (via Facebook) for several weeks (since I met him at Lavon Drive Baptist Church). We are going to work on setting up his web page with archived sermons on our servers. He has a live feed for his Sunday services (I have not found a cost effective way to provide this service). His main website is now at I set him up on our server (he will use Dreamweaver) and will host his archived sermons. We'll see how this goes.I received a call today from Robert Service. He saw our ad in Sword of the Lord. Robert has a technical/discipleship ministry to Africa. I registered a domain for him ( I installed Moodle on the domain. His plan is to put up his lessons online.Still fighting the Spam trap. Our hosting service is saying they found a Spammer on our shared server and removed the spammer. The IP address has had the block removed too many times. The Host proivder said they requested removal again, but it can take up to two days. I will check again on Wednesday but this is getting old.