On Saturday I was thinking about the need to keep in touch with all the Pastors I have had contact with. A search for contact software (also called CRM – Customer Relationship Management) turned up software that would cost upwards of $100 (ACT!, Goldmine etc).  On Sunday morning I was thinking about this software being nothing more than a relational database. I have MS Office, and included with MS Office is a relational database (MS Access). I can hack my way through Access, but building a usable contact database would take some time. I did a search on Access Contact Management Templates. This turned up a "Sales Management Contact Database" template availabe for Office 2003 on the Microsoft Website (free). I downloaded it and spent a large part of the day figuring out how to import my Excel spreadsheets. Ultimately it worked.There was a fantastic Christmas presentation at Lavon Drive Baptist Church last night. It definitely brought focus on the Christmas Holiday to bear on Jesus! We pray you all have a Blessed CHRISTmas,Bob
Source: Cyber-Missions Blog