I spent some phone time with Brother McPherson of Southwood Baptist Church in Tallahassee Florida today. I had not heard from the church in quite a while and was expecting a call back in November, did a followup a couple of weeks ago and found the person that would be taking over their website. After talking for a while, it seems that the previous pastor had registered another domain name (the domain we hosted was southwood-baptist.com). They want to continue using this domain. After he and I spoke for a while we decided to set them up on the templates solution. I did the conversion and we are ready for the handoff.

I spent another part of the afternoon working with Pastor Carpenter of Old Paths Baptist Church. He was trying to upload a sermon file to the website, but due to the large size of the file, everything keeps timing out on him. He was going to send me the file as an email attachment. His Yahoo mail has a file limit size, so I set up an account for him (pastor@old-pathsbc.com). Unfortunately after a long time out he received a similar error trying to send the file to me via that account. I am working on getting the file FTPed so I can try uploading it and see if I can find out and possibly fix the problem.

We are planning (Lord willing) on attending Faith Baptist Church in Sachse in the morning. They are looking for a place to host their church website and the people that are currently hosting it need it moved and were recommending us. It is my understanding that the church is currently seeking a pastor. We will go there to introduce ourselves and offer assistance.