Steve Trexler missionary to Liberia

I received an email from a missionary friend of ours asking us to contact a missionary to Liberia to see if we could help him get a website online.

I called Steve Trexler who is a missionary to Liberia with his wife Jeanne through Global Faith Missions in Chattanooga.

Missionary to Liberia

Steve & Jeanne Trexler

We talked for a while, about his interesting ministry. Brother Steve is the Program Director for the Baptist College of Missionary Physicians Assistants in Liberia. They offer a three year Associate of Arts Degree, with Medical, Bible and liberal arts classes in every trimester. They do evangelism at the African Fundamental Baptist Mission Health Center every morning. The students have required weekend ministry assignments.

Missionary to Liberia

African Fundamental Baptist Mission Health Center

We discussed domain names, the choice was easy, their ministry is abbreviated as BC-MPA, and so we decided on as a domain name for the website. Brother Steve sent me his Power Point presentation so that I had some content and a feel for their ministry as a missionary to Liberia. I was able to gather information from the presentation and got a feel for their ministry.

Missionary to Liberia

Baptist College of Missionary Physicians Assistants in Liberia

I registered the domain and installed a WordPress website for Brother Steve to get the project rolling. We spoke briefly again on the phone and Brother Trexler will be getting more information and pictures together on his partners and their ministries so I can expand their website.

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