As mentioned earlier in the blog, we have an ad running in the Sword of the Lord – "we will get your Independent Baptist Minsitry online in 30 minutes for FREE." While I don't have the exact wording, that''s the gist of the ad. It was supposed to run in May. I already received the first call from Pastor Greg Odell in Alexandria Minnesota. Pastor Odell is wanting to put up an Online Chaplain's School.  We discussed his requirements. He will be creating Chaplains College of America. We discussed domain names (he settled on I registered the domain for him. I set him up with "Moodle" software. "Moodle is a course management system (CMS) – a free Open Source software package…" Moodle is software that Source of Light Ministries was looking at to put their Bible Correspondence Courses online. Pastor Odell will be looking at it and seeing if the software will meet his needs. Oh, and I did make my 30 minute window.