I was contacted by Pastor Sutton of Bethel Baptist Church in La Plata Maryland (http://www.bbcmd.org) on Saturday. Their website had started showing Google advertising. I rebuilt their site using Front Page. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 churches using the templates – ads are not on their sites (now). I was assuming that my hosting service had a license for the templates. Today my hosting provider acknowledged they do not have a licensing agreement. This means that theoretically, anyone using the templates would get ads on their website after a 15 day “trial period.” I have a couple of the templates that have been up for almost two years, and are still not showing ads.I have come up with another solution that provides a free template based solution (not crazy about the templates, but they look good and work). I have built bbcmd.org’s website on the new provider, and will wait until after Christmas when I can show the website to Pastor Sutton, and we will see about what we need to get done. Meanwhile I am still looking for a more permanent solution.