Rebuilt new website for Dr. Nancy
We have been hosting the websites for Tool Kit Ministries for many years now ( and The wbesite main website had been up on the old Website Baker Templates, the blog was a WordPress website. Nancy and I talked and she agreed to consolidate the two websites into one, but she wanted to try and keep the look and feel of the old Website Baker website, while keeping the feel the WordPress blog had for her blogs. The easiest way to do it was to try and create a brand new website, but doing that without causing a major outage for her two websites was a problem. I registered a new domain name ( and built the website from scratch with the content from her two old websites. I finally got it completed. I parked the old domain on the new domain, and forwarded the blog subdomain to her blog on the new website. I am waiting for her to check it out to see if there is anything I missed.