I worked with Grace Baptist Church in Edgewood News Mexico this morning to get their website up on the templates (gbcnewmex.com). The pastor's daughter was using the templates to update their website before I had completed building it!

I had rescued a domain the Sunday before the Camp Meeting (a North Carolina Church). Some people from the church called the next day to get it back. I asked them to set up an account on ekklesia-online to facilitate the transfer. They said they couldn't figure out how to transfer the domain to set up a new website so they just cancelled it. This is not a wise thing to do if you have a ministry website. You stand a good chance (as they did) of losing the domain! Of course I won't be keeping it. On Monday (of this week) I received a call from their new hosting provider. They already had new content set up. I repointed the nameservers and their website is back up. I called and left a message for the pastor yesterday to make sure the people were acting on behalf of the church. The pastor called me back today and said he would prefer I maintain the domain for the church to ensure that it stays safe, and does not risk loss again. He said he would have me talk to another church member that will be maintaining the website.

I received an email today requesting that we take down an unofficial website.