I did a rescue of the web site for Unity Missionary Baptist Church back in February 2009. I was contacted by a member of the church (Late Pastor's son I believe – if I am wrong please forgive me, trying to juggle so much now) who thanked me for rescuing the website, explained the situation (Pastor went home to be with the Lord – domain had expired, new Pastor came in) and wanted to update the web page (http://www.unitymissionarybaptistchurch.org). We updated the web page, and I gave him the demo login I have at http://www.churchdemo.us. This was set up to enable Pastors and Staff to try out the templates. The church member that was going to do the updating called me today. I installed the templates, and converted their Front Page site over to the templates. I spent an hour or so on the phone helping him understand the templates. Site looks good – and they are going to be up and maintaining it shortly!