Updating Websites

    Updating Websites for Sewickley Lighthouse Baptist Church

     I received an email from Pastor Gelfand of Sewickley Lighthouse Baptist Church (SLBC) in Sewickley PA. He sent me a copy of the church’s calendar and asked me to put it up on their website.

     I put their 2016 Calendar (pdf file) up on the website and added the events to the WordPress calendar software with the limited information I had available.

     Updating websites is a service I do for a number of ministries that can’t update their websites on their own due to a variety of reasons. This is an integral part of our ministry here (whether we are hosting them or not). I have been asked to update websites we were not hosting and have, on a couple of occasions, been able to help out other ministries.

     We have been working with SLBC since 2008 when two churches merged and formed Sewickley Lighthouse Baptist Church, and we registered their new domain (s-lbc.com) and started hosting them on the older Website Baker Templates. I was able to move them over to the more secure WordPress platform a little over a year ago.

     It is an honor and a privilege to help out God’s ministers by updating their websites and allow them to focus on running the churches. This is especially helpful to many of the smaller churches that we host.