Reaching the unreached – As I mentioned in a previous post, I have almost 500 “friends” now on Facebook. Most of them appear to be unsaved. The following post came across this morning:MORE startling facts (will it never end?) “The Christian population in India is about 2.6% (including Catholics).If we are happy about 2.6%, what should be our sorrow for the 97.4% of people heading blindly towards eternal damnation?” Are YOU heading toward eternal damnation? I know I am.After I read it, in unbelief, I sent a private message off to this user asking for clarification, Did you mean that this huge population is damned and you are also? Do you WANT to be damned or would you like to do something about it? The message did not make much sense to me. The response was that this person removed me as a friend. The current demographics I have show there are 1.5 Billion users on the internet. How many of them are like this person?