I mentioned earlier in our Blog that my truck was having some issues. The issues were getting worse, last night ending in a dead vehicle. The Lord protected, and on the way home from church the vehicle kept stalling out, I was able to get it restarted, and in all cases the vehicle died while I was in a safe place, and not blocking traffic. The vehicle reached its final (would not start again) in a Kroger parking lot, 500 feet from the NTB center I was trying to take it to. I was able to push the vehicle into a parking space (it died in a fire zone). I called a tow truck to get the truck the last 500 feet to NTP and last night at 11:30 PM the truck arrived. I will be leaving in about 20 minutes to give them the keys and let them know what is going on. Please pray the repairs will be minor, it appears to me that the coolant leaked out (but there are no stains on my driveway indicating an issue). The problem is the leak was not near the front of the engine, it was all dripping from the chassi behind the engine. I will post again when I know more.