(Or how to recommend another church up the block when someone is looking for yours!)
I was looking for a church to give one of our "spare" Harvest Baptist Church domains to. In my search I located Harvest Baptist Church in Elizabethton Tennessee. A google search specifically for "Harvest Baptist Church" Elizabethton Tennessee brought up the following result:

Harvest Baptist Church
309 E F St
Elizabethton, TN 37643-3213
(423) 543-3303

fbcelizabethton.com is NOT Harvest Baptist Church. I went to their website and could not find a doctrinal statement and their missions page does not indicate what affiliation (if any) they might have. I am assuming by the look and feel of their website they are a Southern Baptist Church. So – by Google's standard I might be led to believe that FBC is the church I am looking for. I have seen worst than this (and better I might add). It is to the benefit of every ministry to have their own web presence. Further, the presence should be optimized so that the search engines can find it and spider the content.


As an aside – I found an old domain that had belonged to HBC have "rescued" it and put up an Unofficial Page (http://www.harvestbaptistchurchministries.com).

A call to the church resulted in getting an answering machine.