WordPress Website Monitor

     Part of the WordPress disaster recovery training I attended this week brought some good resources to light. One of the excellent tools allows me to monitor each WordPress website I host and maintain to see what versions of WordPress are installed, as well as what plugins and themes are installed on the websites I host.

     I am provided with a visual indication if the website is down, or if any part of the installation needs to be updated.

     One of the services I provide is maintenance on the WordPress websites we host. This includes updating WordPress, all plugins and themes to the current stable release of the product. Currently I have to go to the websites individually, and apply the new versions. I currently have no idea what version of software the websites are running until I manually visit each website. Since we are hosting over 80 WordPress installations, this is very time consuming. Because of the time and effort involved, I don’t get to each site very often.


     One of the main reasons websites get hacked are because they are running older versions of software (95% of software releases are to fix security issues). Once a vulnerability has been identified it gets around the internet fast and hackers start hitting websites trying to exploit the older software.

     We do not charge for anything we do, most of our “clients” are very small ministries. You could pay upwards of $50 per month for the free services we provide, but God has called us to keep his ministries online. For more information about our free web hosting, please visit ekklesia-online.com.

     Phil 2:4