I have been taking webinars this week on WordPress security. We are hosting about 100  websites at this time. As I go through the security logs on our websites, I can see the various attempts that are being made on the websites we host. All WordPress websites are under continuous attack. If you have a Christian website they are even more susceptible to attack.

  • We have a membership in a security service which has a blacklist of hackers.
  • We are running software that automatically locks out hackers. 
  • We (for free) do the maintenance on the websites we host. (Old software and plugins can offer a back door for hackers to gain access to a website.) I go through and update the plugins and WordPress versions on a regular basis.
  • I maintain Full and Database backups which are stored both on and off line. (If your website gets hacked I try to maintain current backups so that your website can be restored quickly)

If you have a ministry and do not have a web presence, contact us today and I can probably have your ministry online today using WordPress (or Joomla or another Content Management System). You can request free hosting using a form on our ekklesia-online.com website.